America and India’s education system

Education System of America and India:

I have had the privilege of studying according to Indian and American education systems if asked which one is better. So asking this as if you like someone where one is equally good then the other is not bad at all. Each of these education systems seem to have their own strengths and weaknesses of both the US and India but to be honest. So the true system which is responsible for rehabilitating a human being as a genius personality

Which succeeds in fulfilling their dreams and remarkably the Indian education system has managed to do both with the American education system. We have excellent examples of great personalities including scientists, IT professionals, journalists, doctors and engineers and many more such professionals who have benefited from any of the education systems.

Public Schools in the United States and India

In most of the states of America, education is provided to the children absolutely free by the public schools run by the government. The schools are funded by the government through taxes collected by the federal state county share governments are an important part of the cause for the residents. Goes to school education fund Unlike government schools in India the maintenance and management of public schools in America is quite good. Most of the schools are well received by the government, so the bays provide excellent infrastructure. For the benefit of the children, there are various types of educational programs funded by the educational boards with the latest technology. The programs for each school are defined by the states board.Public school both free in USA and India however Indian government school is not preferred school for most people due to lack of proper government funding sophisticated infrastructure state advanced technology and and restriction management not education is well deserved.

Private Schools in USA and India

Private schools in India are mostly preferred to government schools due to higher infrastructure and facilities, more contact with people from the checkeredly strong and etc. Restriction Management Board.

There are many private schools in the United States that provide the same education as public schools. There is a huge expenditure in running the schools and to meet the same huge fees are charged from the students. In many cases private schools may not be able to compete with the basic regimen and programs provided by public schools in the United States. Although there are many famous private schools in the United States of America which are quite famous. and attract the cream layer of talented students. Private schools in America are chosen by parents for a variety of reasons. Such as social status, racial reasons, dissatisfaction with public schools in an area, educational standards, personal convenience, religious education, etc.

Home Schooling in USA vs India

There is another form of general education system in USA as you must be knowing from the name itself that children do not go to any school in the form of education. Rather parents or tuition teachers teach the students at home there is no formal time table. But in most of the cases parents define a time table for home schooling of the children. In home schooling, parents can teach children at their own pace.

Parents can give individual attention to the needs of their children. In case of super smart kids can teach a lot and cover a lot of syllabus as compared to formal school. Children who need special attention and care can take care of the needs of children appropriately.

This is one of the main disadvantages of home schooling in the United States. Children who lack social skills do not get much opportunity to interact with other children. To overcome this problem, parents form groups with other parents involved in home schooling. and then have group discussions at set times in various locations, such as public libraries and parks.

Home schooling is not that much popular in India right now Bharti believes in formal education in a school environment. Even if some parents listen to home schooling, there is no protected system in place for their children.

The American vs Indian system includes pre-primary (kindergarten), primary (1st to 8th grade), secondary (9th and 10th grade) and higher secondary education (11th and 12th grade). One can directly join any professional course of choice immediately after class 12th. This means a shorter period of study and an earlier job to become a professional.

School education tourism in the United States is divided into three levels. Elementary school (kindergarten to fifth grade), middle school (sixth to eighth grade) and high school (9th to 12th grade).
Once the child completes the high school, he/she can enroll in the college for the undergraduate courses of his/her choice. And later one can also join vocational courses in universities. This means that he takes a longer period of study to become a professional.

Indian schools have a high waiting list. Uniforms are given a higher priority in Indian schools than in the USA. This is strictly followed. Most schools there do not have uniforms and dress codes are very flexible.

Test – In India, formal examinations are conducted even in the lower classes. Examination period is a stressful period for the students as well as the parents. The exam dates are announced well before the time. And all other activities in schools are made on the basis of plan.

Creative kids score high in USA Power grade exams are usually a part of general education. That’s why children usually don’t sit and study for many days before taking the exam. Higher education is different from the classes or students prepare for the exam first. Although the stress is not as high as compared to India, the Indian education system places a lot of emphasis on teaching material.

Students focus on absorbing as much knowledge as they can and as a result Indians do well in quantitative subjects. However knowledge is considered as powers and immutable truths. So young Indians do not fare as well in a soft world and are generally poor in critical or independent thinking. Schools for most of the child neglect personality development and social skills


So friends today through this post I have told you what are the differences found between the education system of USA and India? And what are the methods for imparting education. If you must have read this post carefully from beginning to end. So maybe you would have understood a lot about the education system of both the countries if you like my information. And if it is useful for you then please share it with your friends on social media account.

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