6 Great Android Games You Can Play on PC in 2022

Smartphone games were the perfect simple diversion in the past when you needed to kill time while standing in line or travelling. Most of these games featured straightforward controls and interesting main gameplay loops. We now have fresh interpretations of well-known genres due to continual evolution. Businesses are still working to boost performance to offer some of the best mobile gaming phones.

On mobile devices, there are currently some amazing games with graphics that rival those seen in PC games. In truth, the shift from mobile to PC gaming was inevitable. You will, therefore, like playing mobile games on a PC if you enjoy playing amazing Android games. There are no restrictions.

6 Great Android Games You Can Play on PC in 2022:

  1. Punch Club:

There are no training montages in this 2D brawler; instead, you must bulk up the conventional way. The game’s plot is to become a martial artist in a 1980s Rocky film style. The gameplay of Punch Club incorporates RPG life simulation aspects, such as healthy eating and consistent training, to help you grow your character as a martial artist. The fights occur in various pixel art-inspired streets and arenas, which look great on PC and much better on Android.

The fight is a capable and brutal 2D brawler, where you can use your special tactics to your benefit in battle. The RPG gameplay adds a unique mundaneness to street fighting. Money, diet, and employment—some of the less captivating aspects of these narratives—are turned into enjoyable gameplay in the game. If you enjoy aggressive RPG gameplay, Punch Club (available on Steam) is a good option to keep you occupied—as long as you don’t get tired of references to 80s pop culture.

  1. Downwell:

A charming rogue-lite called Downwell throws you right into a well and has a black-and-white aesthetic that makes Undertale come to mind. Players must fall at all costs while destroying enemies and rocks with unusual but very powerful gun shoes. The gameplay is basic in the greatest way conceivable, with your guns blasting downward with exhilarating percussion and lethal effectiveness. Furthermore, it seems to reason that everything beneath you deserves it. Before returning to the fight, you will encounter side caverns on your descent that provide a variety of upgrades, such as increased health or firepower.

Downwell (available on Steam) puts more emphasis on gameplay than narrative, making the descent appear natural and accentuating the game’s endearing destruction. The PC version allows you to finely manage your runs, and the random upgrade system offers lots of replay value.

  1. Hitman GO: Definitive Edition:

Given the popularity of the Hitman franchise and its reputation for brutal stealth gameplay and gun-toting action, the primary loop of Hitman GO Definitive Edition (available on Steam) may surprise you. If one is familiar with the franchise, the Monopoly aesthetic can be rather disarming, but paradoxically, the core mechanics of the first Hitman game have not been altered.

You must be initially selective about who you kill since you want to carry out the assassination secretly. The task is to determine the best route around the board while taking out each of your targets, which are chess pieces that aren’t moving. This takes on an oddly interesting turn and shows how fun the Hitman game can be when kept simple.

  1. Riptide: GP Renegade:

The PC platform was necessary for this game. The setting for the third-person jet-sky racing game Riptide GP Renegade is an intriguing future scenario (available on Steam). Naturally, the gameplay is more captivating than the story. You’ll spend most of your time racing across cities while remembering your first racing arcade game experience. You must ride over the ocean to score more points in races and perform tricks. The components of your car can be altered to improve its speed, maneuverability, and appearance.

The PC update is a huge improvement for the larger screen, especially considering how often the game takes unexpected turns. Playing the game on a PC enhances how stunning it looks on Android. If playing racing video games is your thing, Riptide GP Renegade does not cut corners.

  1. Level head:

You should play Level head, a funny, action-packed puzzle platformer available on Steam. As a test for a robot prototype built for a galactic postal service, players are required to deliver packages. Players can bounce on foes’ skulls in Mario-style mobility and battle while exploring colorful extraterrestrial environments. I hope nothing sensitive is inside. If you’re looking for anything to replace Super Meat Boy, Level head delivers Literally.

  1. ScourgeBringer:

A challenging, enjoyable Metroidvania blends exploration typical to the genre with rogue-like gameplay. On Steam, the player takes on the role of the ScourgeBringer, a hero who explores the interior of a fallen relic. Along with gunplay, powerful and trendy sword combos are common in combat. The best of both worlds is present.

The little conflict between the Metroidvania-style level design and the rogue-like elements encourages the player to push through to the conclusion. In-depth research is discouraged because health can be easily lost and rarely regained. But if you enjoy Blasphemous’ punishing gameplay, you’ll enjoy ScourgeBringer just as much.

A new stage in the evolution of mobile gaming:

These are only a few of the outstanding mobile games that are currently accessible on PC. Simply select your genre and give your Steam library artistic mobile gaming flair. Both platforms support creativity in terms of aesthetics and the representation of many genres. If you like anime, you can play many awesome Android apps on a PC, for example. Simply select your genre and give your Steam library artistic mobile gaming flair.

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